Entry #1

Halloween Collab is finally here!

2013-11-07 11:14:54 by BlackLemons

After much hard work by some awesome people, the Halloween collab is out, so go check it out here :D

Made a post about this because A) its my first time actually making a post lol and B) This is my first proper flash submission, so its a pretty cool to start in a collab with such talented peeps.

Anyway, watch the collab and I hope you enjoy it! More animations to come, hopefully.


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2013-11-07 16:25:06

Hey there man you said it was your 1st proper flash submission. If that means that you have lots of old animations and if it happens that some o them are incomplete and yet still on your PC then you're welcomed to my collab, just go check the collaboration forums for "Oldies Resurrection Collab", it's gonna be fun, really fun... And I have been in the Halloween Collab, I just got my username changed :)


2013-11-16 09:42:27

it turned out awesome! :D